Innovatus Inc.

Through our "Friendly* vegetable factory" we shall continuously offer safe and secure foods to make people have a good life. We shall aim at realizing a sustainable society of Japan and the world.

*Friendly: "friendly to people", "friendly to environment", and "friendly to workers"

Innovatus was created in 2014 with a mission that we shall continuously provide safe and secure foods to make people enjoy good lives.
At "Fuji Farm," where we incorporate advanced technology into a completely enclosed indoor farming system, we have made possible an idealized form of cultivation using high quality Fuji water. Through our vegetable production system, we offer a new model for vegetable farming to the world.

The reasons behind our safe and secure process

Our vegetables, grown in hygienic conditions without the use of pesticides, can be eaten as-is without washing.

We grow our vegetables without any pesticides of any kind in our clean room. We prohibit any flammable instruments such as tobacco within our site, and in addition to preventing unwanted bacteria which could cause odors, we have minimized to the smallest degree any risk of fire hazards.

In our cultivating and packaging areas we observe the most painstaking detail towards hygiene, and each of our staff will undergo meticulous hand-washing and other procedures, after which they receive an air shower before entering the areas to begin their work.

We periodically apply nourishing solutions for cultivation, and testing for bacteria and radioactive substances, etc., as well as tests for storability and shelf life, and sensory evaluations, in order to manage our strict product quality and sanitary controls within the farm.

The reasons behind our freshness

Only fresh vegetables have that vivid color and rich texture and taste.

From seeding to harvesting, we grow our vegetables under ideal temperature and humidity conditions.

Harvested vegetables are packaged immediately to retain their just-harvested freshness, and first stored in our refrigerated storage rooms.

Through the cold chain process, we can deliver our vegetables to our customers while maintaining freshness.

The reasons behind the birth of a sustainable vegetable production factory

As we heads towards the realization of a sustainable society, we have from the beginning always prioritized the earth's environment, as well as harmonization with local society, combined with the provision of a secure supply of food.

Using an efficient multi-shelved system, as well as LED lighting for cultivation, we are able to reduce the time spent on growing vegetables, while dramatically increasing the harvest yield per area.

We take great care in our effect on the environment, using LEDs in all of our lighting fixtures for cultivation, a controlled monitoring system to keep down energy costs, installing solar panels, and constructed outer walls that harmoniously blend in with the surrounding areas.

In regards to providing tools for our work, and constructing toilets and rest areas for our staff, we not only place great emphasis on ease of mobility, but in creating a "workplace" that comfortably enables extended working periods.

Major products

Frilled lettuce

Green leaf lettuce

Romaine lettuce

Red leaf lettuce

Korean lettuce

We have convenient smaller sizes available as well.

Our profile

Company Overview
Company Name Innovatus Inc.
Location 1338 Denbo , Fuji-shi , Shizuoka 417-0061
TEL +81-545-52-5026
Representative Yukihiko Asakura, President and CEO
The Date of Establishment March 12, 2014
Capital 10 million yen
Number of Employees 70
Settlement Term Annually In February
Businesses Production, processing, and distribution of leafy vegetables grown in a fully-enclosed plant factory.
Distribution of agricultural materials and others.
History 2014/3 Company established
2014/6 Was selected as “Global Agricultural-Commercial-Industrial Collaboration Project” initiated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry
2014/9 Launched an operation of cultivating facility on a trial basis inside Fiji Farm
2015/3 Started operation of Fuji Farm
Fuji Farm profile
Start of operations March 1,2015
Total floor space 1851.50m²
Items cultivated Leafy vegetables
Production scale 12,420 stems/roots per day



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